In an effort to spread the word on the "Golden Cactus" it is being co-hosted on the owensdrylake domain.

The Golden Cactus Museum and Old West Ghost Town is now literally under construction.  Located midway along the 395 between Los Angeles and the High Sierra. (maybe two miles from the Pearsonville Shell gas station and Subway sandwich shop)

Stop by and stretch the legs while taking in some of our western history and heritage.  Great photo opportunities and plenty of fenced in space for the kids to run around. 

Currently, nightly RV parking is allowed and long term storage also available, please contact the landowner at:




A rich miner's cabin. Probably from selling worthless Panamint City mining stocks on eBay.

Working miner's cabin.

Poor miner's cabin.

The Can-Tin Cantina. I heard that a bottle house is in the works too.

Boot hill - an interactive graveyard.

Much to see and take in, over 14 acres of grounds.

The Golden Cactus jail securely built with stacked lumber.

About Highway 395, Inyo County, and Pearsonville. 

Highway 395 is beginning to be known as the alternative to Highway 1.  It's the next scenic roadway in the state of California that parallels the Eastern Sierra from Kern County to the south all the way to Reno, Nevada.  At the Kern/Inyo County line the highway passes through Inyokern, Pearsonville, Golden Cactus, Olancha, Lone Pine, Independence, Big Pine and Bishop.  Leaving Inyo county the highway goes through Mono County and passes by the towns of Tom's Place, Crowley Lake, Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, Lee Vining, Bridgeport, Walker, Coleville and Topaz where the Nevada State line is.

Inyo County boasts a four season recreation and tourist destination.  Here you can visit the highest and lowest points in the lower 48 states, see wide open landscapes, mountain ranges, desert valleys, high sierra granite, tumbling creeks, clean air (except when the wind whips up dust on the Owens dry lake), and frontier towns that haven't changed much since they were originally settled.  Inyo county has less than two people per square mile.

Pearsonville is in Inyo County but borders Kern County.  Nearby Kern County towns of Inyokern and Ridgecrest offer more services and lodging and one of the best gateway towns to Death Valley.  For the complete story on Pearsonville I'd suggest purchasing the Pearsonville 93527 book published by the Pearsons:

(It's good, full of struggle, and comes recommended by the owners of Hilton Creek and Golden Cactus)

Plenty more photos below of this ghost town in progress below.

Captured a few photos using that same $16 camera off eBay several years ago.  It was a hot day in the Indian Wells Valley, about 98F, but the old restored buildings were looking sharp…

No Name’s infamous EAT sign in the distance. 

Golden Cactus is open daily, please flag down the owner for admittance or email in advance:

Also available are overnight spots for the weary RV campers.  $20 includes an electrical hook-up, sorry no public water hook-ups at this time - wells in this area are worth their weight in gold and during the drought every last drop is conserved.

Apothecary. (drug store)

Intersection of Main and 1st street?  I’ll get that clarified. 

Anyhow, across the street is the land office.  Great time to buy CA land as prices are low and cash is tight!

Old model T next to the well-to-do miner’s cabin and museum.  Not pictured is the Tijuana Taxi.

Midway: an old forgotten highway stop exactly in between Los Angeles and the High Sierra

Built mostly from beer cans, scavenged from the Golden Cactus dump.

Encapsulated mobile homes – my favorite.

Coyote melons and a couple of ghosts.  Take a coyote melon home today, they sprout up nicely in arid climates.

Work on the store and gift shop is coming along.

Restoring an old mobile home to it’s true calling – Western facade building!

Got a broken pipe?  Bring it on by the pipe fitters shop for a quick repair.

Seamstress shop.

Pictured right is a 20′s era ‘kit’ travel trailer, very unique and built from scratch.  Originally towed by cattle, this trailer ended up at Golden Cactus during the Inyokern stampede of 1935.

Don’t end up here, the Town sheriff nabs many a disrespectful child and claim jumpers.

Believe it or not: today the jail is still inhabited by the likes of the ornery Owen gang.  Don’t get too close to his possessions!

Work in progress.  Advertising available…