deathvalley offroad day5

Day five: Rest and Relaxation, side trips to Cerro Gordo, Boulder Creek showers, and owens "not-so-dry" lake.  30 miles approximate.

Carnitas breakfast burritos hit the spot with scrambled eggs and fried potatoes!  Every day is the best ever with camp food. 
(Lost my food photo so these two can do.)


This guy was bit by a scorpion, not stung.  Next time we'll bring out the ultraviolet light to spot them better.

--RIP LOBO-- Lobo was born in Deep Springs but unfortunately his time with us was short lived.  Part border collie and part great Pyrenees, all heart.

 James, Kim, Bob, and Chimmy make a side trip up to Cerro Gordo.  The owner recently passed away but fortunately there are some folks up there to carry on.  --RIP MIKE--  Mike gave me the idea for planting Jujubes down there on the dry lake, he said he did a lot of research and that they'd be perfect for the climate and soil type.  Going to give it a shot. Jujubes are sort of a cross between an apple and a date, I've tasted some and they are good.

Mike's old hotel, awesome place.  We stayed in one of his other houses up here, the Belshaw house.  Long time ago we met Mike when exploring the countryside with Barbara Moore, a historian from Mammoth and Mono Lake.  Looking back it's sad to see our friends pass on.

Big bird in a snag.  With the lake being rehabbed we do see a lot more wildlife. (Deer, cows, bats, birds, feral scientists, GBUAPCD allies, Big Day madmen/women, etc.)

 Alabama's and Mount Whitney.  Love hiking up there - spent part of our honeymoon in Whitney portal.

 More water in the lower owens - LA finally cried uncle after being fined $5,000/day for several years - get this river flowing declared the judge. 

 Owens dry lake is perfect for student drivers, but you didn't hear that from me.

Nice graded and elevated roads now criss-cross all over. 

Tomorrow's road snakes through the mountains shown in the canyon folds. (Inyos)

Towards the end of the day we check oil levels and start loading up again.  Life on the dirt road isn't that bad at all - I'm getting used to it. 

Bought this property at auction, $1300 cash.  Why might one ask.  To own land is an experience, but maybe not for everyone.  Over the past 12 years we've camped out on various weekends, holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions like meteor showers (and Hale-Bopp), a bachelor party, the list could go on.

Authentic shack stew on the menu tonight.  Sauteed onions and peppers to start, add in some rope sausage and meatloaf from Josephs, when done stir in canned beans, corn, and some stewed tomatoes, fresh cilantro, and now my mouth is watering just recalling it. 

Link to day six.  Final day.